Taconeando, once a distinguished tango… today, a classic tango house.

Taconeando, located in the heart of San Telmo where tango was born, is an intimate space offering a show that takes us through the music’s and dance’s history from the swaggerers of the Viejo Arrabal to the modern tango of Astor Piazzolla.

On the 14th of February 1931, Pedro Mafia’s orchestra, with verses from Horacio Staffolani, premiered a tango in the San Martín Theater that would later become a classic: “Taconeando,” a rhythmical ‘milonga’ ideal for dancing.  Years passed by . . . and tango had its rebirth in San Telmo.

On the 15th of August 1979, Beba Bidart inaugurated Taconeando, a charming tango house that became a refuge for tango dancers and fans that adored this beautiful and sensual music. It also offered a novelty apart from its artistic show: the possibility for the public to dance.

Taconeando is already a classic in the Buenos Aires’ nightlife and one of the most traditional locales in the city; it’s a place where the music, the dance and the singing shine with lights of their own.